Module 3

Save our Seabirds Board Game (60mins)

If you are delivering the biosecurity programme with your class, you are elibgible to receive a physical copy of an incredible board game that has been the brainchild of school pupils of Small Isles primary in Jura, Scotland, Scotland. It is available in both Welsh and Gaelic.

This game was invented by pupils from Small Isles Primary, Jura, Scotland
Module 3

Save our Seabirds Board Game (60mins)

If you have not received your copy, email and we will send one out to you. This incredible game, originally named ‘Seabirdopoly’ (but unable to use the name for copyright reasons) is based on the playing principles of Monopoly. In this game, you are part of a biosecurity team who have to work out how to protect your islands from predators. This game can be played at any age but is aimed at upper primary

Module 3

Treasure Hunt Wildlife Detecting: biosecurity edition - search for evidence of local wildlife

Module 3

Digital Board Game Food or Foe Game - Snakes and ladders with a twist! (30mins)


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Module 1


An introduction to biosecurity and why it matters. Includes outdoor games

Module 2


Researching seabirds including tasks, model building and games

Module 3


How to help seabirds including games, treasure hunts and identifying tracks

Module 4


Setting a design challenge and biodiversity action planning

Module 5


Groups present and evaluate ideas including news-reading, games and writing

Module 6


Spreading the word including stories, map activity and games